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Commission free

Enjoy Commission-Free Trading with оur аpp! Watch your savings grow without the drag of commission fees.


Unlock the power of Margin Trading and double your purchasing power. With Margin, you can amplify your investments, giving you the opportunity to own even more of your favorite companies.

Fractional shares

With Fractional Trading, you can now grab your slice of your favorite companies, no matter the share price. Get started today with as little as $5.

Free Analyst Ratings

Gain a competitive edge in your investment decisions with our app’s exclusive access to analyst ratings from top financial experts, all at your fingertips and free of charge.

Realtime data

Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring stock prices, ensuring you’re always informed to make savvy investment choices. But that’s not all – our dedicated news section keeps you updated with the latest financial news, trends, and insights, helping you perfect your market strategy. 

Top Stocks, ETPs and ETFs to buy now

Discover what’s catching investors’ attention and explore potential opportunities.


From blue-chip giants to disruptive startups, every stock holds the potential for growth and profit. 


Explore the world of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) – your passport to diversified, low-cost investing.

Thematic ETPs

From commodities and currencies to leveraged and inverse assets, ETPs offer a gateway to diverse markets and strategies.

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